Monday, January 12, 2009

My Target Commercial

Today - I hit the jackpot. I hadn't even intended to, but I did. After my husband got a few clearance items from Target last week, he suggested I head over there too. I intended to breeze in and breeze out this morning, but once I saw the super deep discounts, I had to stay a bit. I only found one item for myself that I really liked, but the kids discounted items were unbelievable! All the children's and babies' winter items were on super-sale (meaning, at least 50% - 75% off, plus an additional 30% off at the register!), so I purchased complete wardrobes for next winter for both Jimmy and Kyla. The total cost of my extensive shopping spree: $52.11. Just to relish my savings a bit more, I calculated what the items I purchased today would've cost at full price, and the number I came out with was $214.00 even. Shop today and save for the 2009 fall and winter!

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Kelli said...

You and I are cut from the same cloth, Danielle. If I could get out and hit Target, I would. I do that every year for the next year! You can't beat it. Try again around August for spring/summer clothes, too!