Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Introducing Sanna!

After months of deliberation and consideration, we've finally taken the leap of getting another dog. Our dog Bear is such a good boy, but sometimes seems a little lonely for some canine companionship - thus, the thought of adopting a little friend for him. We brought Sanna home yesterday from her foster home where she'd been staying with the help of a rescue pet organization. It was sad for her foster Mommy to say goodbye, but she knows it's for the best for Sanna to be adopted into a forever home. Bear could not possibly be more thrilled; in fact, he's been so thrilled that it's almost to the point of annoying Sanna (I've been informed that like their human counterparts, girl dogs mature faster than boy dogs!). Still, all morning they've been racing around together and playing.

Sanna is a sweetheart. She's about 15 months old (which is exactly Bear's age too), and she's a black lab and Australian kelpie mix. She's very smart, and extremely gentle. As her foster Mommy told me, she was always the mother to all the foster kittens she took in - protecting them and ensuring their comfort. One thing Sanna was very excited about in coming to our house was our kids. She was hesitant to even come out to see us when we arrived to visit her, but once she saw Jimmy and Kyla, she came right over and snuggled up by them (as best she could with Jimmy and Kyla both running around, shouting and laying on her).

Compared to Bear, Sanna is a tiny little girl. In all reality though, she's considered a medium sized dog while Bear would be an extra large dog (he's over 100 lbs.). Still, as I've watched them playing and wrestling in a friendly manner, I've observed that Sanna is quite capable of holding her own when she wants to. Bear is going to need to learn to share his toys without making it a game of keep-away from Sanna - this is one thing that has begun to annoy her. Any toy Sanna goes for, Bear will race to get it before her; and any toy she has, Bear will try to wrestle from her.

We are very excited to have Sanna join our family. She's been an immediate hit. We hope she settles in quickly here and begins enjoying her new life with us.