Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Mouth is Stuck Shut!

I feel it is worth noting that I'm home sick today. Little Jimmy got it first, and has since shared his wealth of germs with me (I'm hoping Kyla and Jim don't get them too). Despite overdosing on nyquil and halls cough drops and attempting a variety of sleep positions (upright, face into pillow), I succeeded in getting no sleep (beyond 10 -20 consecutive minutes) last night due to an ongoing and railing cough.
Upon getting out of bed (I really couldn't say waking up), I made a steamy shower - hoping to alleviate some of the coughing (which was to no avail). Later I sat reading and drinking coffee whilst filling the floor area around my chair with dirty tissues. It wasn't until attempting to eat an english muffin for breakfast that I became acutely aware of the fact that my jaw was stuck - shut. It's not stuck all the way shut, but rather can open about a half inch. I noted how bizarre it would look if anyone saw me attempting to shove food into the narrow opening that was my mouth.
This jaw problem has been an issue forever, but only recently has become a real problem. I've always had jaws that popped when I opened them, and eventually popping rather loudly so that other people nearbye might comment in astonishment to me, "Was that your jaw?". It's only been in the last year or so that it has commenced refusing to open on command. Usually it's worst when I'm laying down or when I'm really tired, and usually if I try to relax while leaning forward and massaging my jaw (I know - of all the ridiculous situations to find yourself in!) it will eventually open properly. But today - no luck. Fortunately, I feel so crappy elsewhere that it's really not too bothersome (that and the fact that I'm probably still a wee bit drugged from the nyquil).
So, should anyone who knows anything about this type of problem-o happen to be reading this blog, please send me some insight!!! While others around me may appreciate my sudden quietness, I find it to be rather perturbing. A zillion thanks in advance.


Kelli said...

You need to talk to Lindsey about TMJ...I think that she went to her dentist that was fitting her for a mouth guard and he put her on a soft it and see if that is what it sounds like to you...hope that you and little Jimmy feel better...and that the rest of your family can stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

I have been having the EXACT same problem! You are more than welcome to call me (407-376-1316) to talk about it but here are a few things I have learned.
1. Put moist heat on it. It helps! If you have one of those bean bag heating pads they work the best.
2. Start an advil regiment. My dentist (Dr. DiBartolomeo) told me to take it every 4-6 hours to help the muscle relax.
3. Start eating only soft foods. You need to relax your jaw muscle. Lots of chewing makes it worse.
4. Research TMD. That is what you have.
5. Call the dentist. I have been going to Dr. DiBartolomeo. He has made me a mouth guard to help with the teeth grinding and clenching.

So sorry that this happened to you friend. I know it sucks. Mine has been going on since before Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl! Has this gotten better yet? Will be praying for you...