Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Woof! Woof!

Twice now (not including leftovers), I've had the privilege of having dog food for dinner - and let me tell you, it was TASTY! Now, it's not the kind of dog food you're probably imagining (Kibbles 'N' Bits or Beggin' Strips); no, this was food for dogs of a different class - miniature schnauzers to be precise - 3 of them. You see my spouse works as a property manager at the residence of a rather well to do man, and he has opted to feed his dogs real meat as opposed to the standard food you might find for dogs at, per say, Wal-Mart. When this man embarked upon his journey in feeding his four-legged friends real meat, he purchased some foods that might be considered a bit too high in fat; later, his vet suggested he select leaner cuts and types of meat. Thus, we have reaped the bi-products of the dogs' former high-fat lifestyle. Recently when one of the maids/cooks was cleaning out the kitchen, we along with some of the other workers on the property, inherited several pounds of ground beef; cooked over an open flame outside, the stuff was quite delish! And just this evening, we enjoyed some chicken dogs; I don't think I'll have the stuff again by itself, but surely mixed in some sort of soup or stew, the gelatinous consistency would be somewhat diminished. All in all, we've been quite satisfied with the food which has been deemed inedible for the dogs; obviously there's no alpha dog syndrome happening here.


Anonymous said...

Some people have all the luck!!

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, I've been eating "doggie food" most of my life. Make delicious meals the next day.
Well, at least they used to be called "doggie bags"
Auntie Noel