Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 Days of Big Kid School

My son attended his first day of kindergarten yesterday. I cannot believe we're to the point in life where we're saying goodbye to our boy for a full day in order for him to begin his education. His teacher seems perfect - that special balance between firm and fun. So far all seems to be going well, but you probably wouldn't know it from Jimmy's commentary. Here are some little glimpses of his life from school which he's shared with me:
-We did music and dancing, and I thought it was STUPID because I don't like that.
-A little boy told me he wouldn't be my friend if I laughed at him again, and I thought that was STUPID and petty.
-I couldn't open my drink at lunch, and that was STUPID.
-I made 2 girlfriends and 1 boyfriend.
-A boy was pulling on my backpack, and that was STUPID.
-I found a rubber band and showed it to a little girl; she didn't say anything and that was STUPID.
-There's a girl in my class with the same name as my sister's, and that's STUPID! I just want to vacuum her up!
-I couldn't reach this thing on the playground jungle gym, and that's STUPID.

I've tried to get some more positive feedback out of him, but for the most part, everything that I ask about is, you guessed it, *stupid*. I've gathered from the fact of his teacher still being on speaking terms with me today that things have been going alright. Still, I think I'll pursue this hunch and send a note to confirm belief that things may in fact still be on the up and up.

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Mom said...

He looks so cute and happy! I think next year, he will change "stupid" to "dumb". ;)