Friday, May 16, 2008


This may be a bit of an overload with the family footage, but I really felt it captured mealtime in a very true to life way. When I initially grabbed the camera, I was actually wanting to show Kyla eating from her tray directly with her mouth; while I wasn't able to video that, there was a lot of very normal mealtime activity going on which the average bystander might find both amusing and disgusting.

The first blog I wrote was on the woes of eating out with kids; consider this a visual for that blog.


mokidoku said...

What's great is that a big chunk of bread-like substance falls out of Kyla's mouth (when she's doing some sort of side-head-stand sort of maneuver) and onto her tray and then she does the double handed mixing of the *new* food with the already mixed tray food. Hehe :) Oh..and one more question/comment...when she beats her tray like a drum - does the food go flying? Is their a designated splash/splatter zone around her high chair? Are people clamoring for those seats? ;)

Danielle said...

HA! Yes, much like Sea World, there is a 'splash zone.' I actually was a bit worried about a big chunk of "splash" landing on my camera lens, but we got lucky. . . Suffice it to say there is some serious clean up after every meal. Little Jimmy is old enough to clean up after himself, but Kyla obviously creates her own area of mass destruction which the adults have to tend to. - and yes, the bread falling from the mouth whilst doing booster-seat-acrobatics was classic, followed up by the mixing of the 'new' food in with the old. ;)

Cindy Lynn said...

Well this was actually a bit gross for me ;) I can handle a lot, especially from such an adorable little girl. Yet, I find myself a bit vomitous when watching her smash her food in her fist and then onto the tray. That thought followed by the fact that she might actually pick that food up and eat it, that's what gets me. Now, has Jim started to sing at the end of the movie? Is that the new method of blocking out the chaos....just add a little ditty to suppress the other noise? ;)

mokidoku said...

Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in a pot nine days old. YUM! Is that what Kyla was having for dinner?


Anonymous said...

I haven't laughed so hard since my kids were that age!!!
This is precious and so typical.
Good for you for letting her do it her way!!