Friday, May 2, 2008

A Different Breed Altogether

Driving around town the last few days just minding my own business, I've come across several oddities which I'm convinced could only be found locally (Localas, if you will). While Ocala is the acclaimed "Horse Capitol of the World," it shows - and not always in the most pleasant ways, but definitely some very interesting ways.

Recently while stopping at a Publix in the heart of Ocala, I couldn't help but notice the very distinct smell of. . . manure. This struck me as odd because I've never, not once, been on any sort of mildly urban shopping excursion and found myself inhaling this au naturale scent. Never. I found myself commenting, "Only in Ocala."

Today while running a brief errand I drove past the town light (yes, the only light in this little bedroom community to Ocala), and there in the middle of the intersection was a large square bail of hay. Yes, hay. I actually commented to my son, "Hey, look! A bail of hay!" almost the way a tourist might comment on some point of local interest. But, alas, this is the interest in our neck of the woods: someone lost a bail of hay. . in the middle of the road. Once again I found myself thinking, "Only in Ocala."

Our neighbors, who have horses and a horse barn in their backyard recently installed a gate. This isn't to say their fenced in property didn't have a gate before, but rather they installed a new gate: ornately designed wrought iron with an electric arm to open it with the click of a button. I'm all for beautifying one's property, but I find it ironic they could find the time and money to install this lovely piece of craftsmanship, but couldn't manage to muck their horses' stalls. You see, their barn is in the back corner of the yard - right near our yard and fence, and it's kind of hard to overlook the sea of poop between our fence and their barn. When we first moved here, we assumed they'd be getting to it soon, but after four months here and no stall-mucking happening, I'm getting the picture that they just don't muck (comparable to just not flushing the toilet, per say). The vast quantity of flies that swarm inside our home on any given warm day or the aroma of manure on those breezier days make it hard to overlook this little atrocity. So as I watched my neighbors pull out this morning, them waiting as the gate opened automatically before vrooming off, I yet again found myself thinking, "Only in Ocala."

So why don't you come see us. Come see what Ocala has to offer. The housing market is beyond saturated so your bound to get the best deal in the land. On that note, I leave you with a video clip I came across.

Ya'll come see us now - ya hea'?

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mokidoku said...

Maybe you could start tossing Bear's poo over the fence into their muck pile? They probably wouldn't even notice. It's just a thought... ;) Would this be the equivalent of me not scooping the kitty litter for 4 months? Eww..stanky! Now, In the video - they brought the little pony INTO the house and put it on their bed! And then they changed the hat on the horse in order to indicate that it's now a different character in their little mini-drama (ha..pun intended). This was the most absurd ploy to sell a home that I've ever seen! As Dunell would say, "...only in Ocala!". ;)