Friday, May 8, 2009

Ocala, Here Are Your Signs!

I know this is kind of a different sort of post, but bear with me. Every city has signs up - everywhere and all kinds. Somehow, a number of Ocala's signs, strike me as entirely different from the sorts of signs I've seen the whole rest of my life. When we first moved to Ocala, I was really shocked by them (not that I should be, particularly given the number of other signs that are designed to be shocking) but over time, I just kind of got used to them. Still, in order to give my readers a more well balanced perspective of Ocala (aside from it just being flat out gorgeous), I feel it necessary to post some of these signs that certainly would have initially perplexed me.If you've ever traveled I-75, you've surely seen all of our anti-abortion and *go to church* signs. What's funny is that what you see on the highway, is what you truly find in the city here. Now I'm not going to get into politics or religion, but I feel it's pretty obvious the sway of most Ocalans both politically and religiously. And I think it's great that there's a voice to BOTH sides of each party, but can I just say there are some days when I don't want to be reminded of needing to have a good attitude (AKA: good sportsmanship), or of the zillions of babies dieing each day, or that God is watching my every move waiting to strike me dead, or any number of other motivational/self-help thoughts. . No, these are not ALWAYS the best thoughts for me personally to focus upon.

All the same, if a picture paints a thousand words, then a few pictures of a cities signs should paint novels about that city. Welcome to Ocala.

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