Friday, May 8, 2009

An Apology to Publix

Dear Publix:
Recently I visited your store and had something of a temper tantrum. While it wasn't necessarily your fault, I was rather angry with the store. While you may have been unaware of it, I have secretly nursed a grudge against your store, refusing to set foot in your place of business. Outwardly I acted as one feeling very justified in my stance, but inwardly I longed for your clean aisles, extensive section of organic and gluten free food, and short check-out lines. Yesterday my son brought me home a cake from your store for Mother's Day, which he had decorated. It was beautiful - not only because you had decorated it before he got his hands on it, but also because you set up a fundraiser with his school wherein he could ALSO decorate the cake for me while raising money for his school! But the real clencher for me was the card with coupons that came with the cake; the card talked about how hard it is to be a Mom and how much you appreciate me. As I finished reading the card, my heart towards Publix as a whole changed. I'm sorry for my rotten attitude as of late, and I'd like to start over fresh if that's at all possible. Please consider my continued patronage an apology gift.

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