Sunday, April 20, 2008

You Bashful Boy. . .

For some strange reason, this song has been reverberating through my mind. I've enjoyed gracing my husband with my singing talent as I tell him "You're the Poetry Man, you bashful boy." Somehow, I think he's more disturbed by my serenading than flattered by it. This song just makes me want to linger - which could be why it's 12:30 and I'm still in my bed clothes and looking like some sort of a vagrant; it's days like this I ponder the depth of the damage I'm inflicting upon my children.

As a side note, I somehow visualize Jeff Lisech, our Alaskan immigrant, blast from the past friend, as the guitarist with the glasses. And on the keyboard is Katie doing a little bee-bop-de-bop as she tickles the old ivories. As for the smoke rising in the background of the stage. . .well, we'll leave that to your imagination (personally I'd say it appears that there was a bit too much Taco Bell consumed prior to this performance).


mokidoku said...

Can I just say WOW! That's some major 80's (check out those triangle earrings)! I have never EVER heard of Phoebe Snow or this song. How ON EARTH did this come to be the song you serenade to jimmy? Can you locate the audience member in a white shirt and suspenders - he's really grooving it. You are a genie, all I ask for is your smile when I rub the lamp...uh that's pure genius. ;)

Danielle said...

I guess Queen Latifa did a remake of this recently. A couple months ago I heard it on the Smooth Jazz station and was immediately both fascinated and horrified. Upon further research, I found this was an original Phoebe Snow song - and yes I did actually research it when I got him - it truly mesmerized me.

Yes, Phoebe obviously drew quite the intellectual audience in her day!