Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reverse Psychology

Everyone reading this should be by this point fully aware of the snot situation in our household. For those of you unfamiliar with this issue, let's just say there's been non-stop snot for, oh. . . THE LAST 9 MONTHS or so! (By the way, I finally decided this is an issue, and have scheduled with an ear, nose and throat pediatrician.) Anyway, fast forward to tonight. Little Jimmy was enjoying helping me make pizza for dinner; I gave him a little piece of dough to play with which he promptly lost. After dinner while cleaning up, big Jim came across two things: 1.) Little Jimmy's snotty nose (again), which he immediately requested he wipe right away, and 2.) The piece of dough Little Jimmy had lost. The end result was a sort of reverse psychology lesson in the importance of blowing your nose.

(If video does not play, click on title of blog: "Reverse Psychology". . . And if that still doesn't work, copy and paste the link below. . obviously I'm a bit technologically challenged.)


mokidoku said...

Words can not fully capture the extreme hysterical-mortification that I felt while watching this weird role reversal! If little Jimmy ever tries to *wipe my nose* or *rake/sweep my nose* - then, his parental units will be getting a quick call for child pickup ! ;)

Cindy Lynn said...

This was both highly disturbing and wickedly hysterical. Way to capture these two emotions together in one video. I think we have finally seen the talented blend of Jim and Danielle, a child that wishes to rake the snot from his dad's nose. Well done ;)