Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Food for Thought

Tonight little Jimmy was not really interested in our leftover imitation crab meat casserole (remember my comment on the male species and leftovers?!). So after moving his food around on his plate and nibbling here and there on it, he requested some parmesan cheese to douse his food in. Later, he noticed the bottle of Sonny's sweet barbecue sauce on the table (which we were using on some other leftovers) and decided that would really make his dish edible.

Jimmy actually did almost clean his plate; he ate all his noodles, but left the imitation crab meat. I just scraped the remnant into the garbage and nearly gagged. That is quite possibly the grossest combination of food that I could possibly imagine. Imitation crab meat casserole + parmesan cheese + Sonny's Sweet Barbecue Sauce = NASTY

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