Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why I'll NEVER, EVER Buy Another Dell Again

Dear Mr. Dell:
I am writing you because your customer service in India has been utterly useless to me over the last year and a half in attempting to resolve the problem with the the faulty laptop I received at that time. The problem with the laptop was a simple one: it randomly shut off during usage. There was never any apparent rhyme or reason to it other than that I'd been sent a lemon. I never downloaded or uploaded any material aside from the programs accompanying the computer when I received it from your company. So, for EIGHTEEN months, I have been on the phone with Dell attempting to resolve this problem. I think I could say on average I spend around 3 hours a week on the phone with you people - though I'm sure you'd know better if you just checked the notes under my name (another perplexing and annoying fact, why is it that every time I call up I have to explain my situation several times to several confused people before ever being ultimately transferred to someone who will have to sign off anyway when his shift ends before fixing the problem or who will offer scads of useless advice. . why can't you people just read my record. . it's the same problem. . . the same one, folks. . ). My time is valuable, I'm a busy person and I have a family and responsibilities to attend to during my non-workday hours, and yet your company has sucked up so much of my time, and offered nothing in return for it. . no fixed computer. . no resolution. . . nothing. (Oh, and I should mention we bought the extended warranty and Norton protection from you - thanks a lot - it's ALSO proved worthless).
After much banter and being put on hold, and wasted time in general, Dell finally told me I could return the computer where they'd likely replace the motherboard (as they deemed that was the only place where there could be a problem). They stated they would send me a box to use in the return of my laptop, and I should then be sure to request FedEx Air. I followed your instructions precisely, only to be greeted by the FedEx man at the door telling me the label you had sent me was for FedEx ground. I know that's really nothing at this point, but I should've taken that as a sign of what was about to transpire in this seemingly simple procedure. Later FedEx Ground came to pick up the box with my laptop in it. I waited, and waited. And then I got a strange call from the people who bought our previous home telling me they had received a package for me from Dell along with a FedEx receipt on their door stating they had a package to drop off which needed to be signed for -and it was all in my name. Thank goodness the people who bought our previous home are honest individuals, because that would have been the perfect opportunity for someone else to inherit our laptop.
I later met up with these people to acquire the materials they'd received from Dell. The box contained a hard drive (which it shouldn't have - as the Dell representatives I spoke with assured me they would handle the repair of the computer including any necessary installations at their business before returning my laptop to me). The FedEx note was for the drop off of our laptop. I then called Dell, and after explaining my story again at least three times, was connected with someone who was able to redirect the mis-shipped package to our correct new address (which, should you be wondering, they did have. . remember, they sent the original box to return the laptop to the correct address we currently reside at).
I naievely signed for the package from FedEx with the Dell return label posted on it, strangely expecting that Dell might have done what they said they would in fixing our computer, but boy was I foolish to think that. Upon opening the box, I found my laptop with the old hard drive sitting on top of it. I called Dell again to inquire on the assembly of the computer at this stage, only to find out they'd forgotten to send the screws.
And now, I just want you to know that I will NEVER, EVER buy another Dell again. I will be happy to return your lemon laptop if you will kindly reimburse my money and wasted time. Your products are shoddy, and your customer service is even shoddier.
Should you desire to actually check up on the facts of my story, I'll give you my information, and I'll give it to you very simply, much like how I've been requested to speak to all of Dell's customer service reps. Hopefully you'll understand what I'm trying to say to you.
Phone Number:
System Type: Inspiron 1720, Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330(1.6G
Service Tag: ******
Express Service Code:******

Thanks for a lot of nothing.
PS - I fully plan on sharing my experience with Dell with all my friends and casual acquaintances.

I emailed my letter to every address I could find for Mr. Michael Dell and his upper associates. I'll let you know if I should hear ANYthing, but as it stands, I've learned to expect NOthing from this company.

Also, for the rest of the world out there searching for ways to contact someone at Dell who stands of chance of understanding them, here are all the emails/contact info I've found:

Michael Dell
Dell Computer Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock TX 78682

Direct Access to Dell Escalation
; ;

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Danielle said...

Just FYI, Dell did finally resolve this matter (at least for now. . time will tell if the computer begins going to a blue screen again randomly. . ), and they sent me an 8GB Flash Drive. . It's nice, but I really don't have much use for it. Still, in the future, I'll be buying another brand of pc; a Dell is just too much of a pain in the neck.