Friday, April 10, 2009

Annoying Observations

***To all innocent readers who may have inadvertently stumbled upon this blog, BRACE yourself. This is a venting blog.****

Observations from the gym:
-A man walked in wearing bib overalls with no shirt on underneath. . . Only in Locala. .
-While plenty of vacant treadmills were available, an elderly man opted to take the treadmill next to me (which is bad - particularly considering I forgot to put on deodorant), and then proceeded to actually *slap* the audio thing you can hook your headphones into to listen to the various television stations being displayed on screens (I guess it wasn't working right?). While still cowering on the opposite side of my treadmill after his brutal temper display, an even more disconcerting event occurred: he farted (it was definitely a SBD [silent but deadly]). At that point I seriously considered just quitting the run. . .

Observations from Facebook:
-I hate it when people attempt to display their nonexistent levels of perfection, wealth, and religiosity. It's all a massive farce and I'd LOVE more than anything to call everyone on their poo, but I can't stand drama so I'll attempt to refrain.

Good Friday Observations:
-I find everyone's sudden overwhelming Christianity to be utterly obnoxious. All morning I've been wondering why in the world everyone is suddenly touting their love of Jesus and the Christian Channel(s) only to find out that today is Good Friday. People, if you're actually so darn Christianly-minded, I personally would love to see a little more compassion and honesty (with yourselves especially) throughout the rest of the year and not just today (as people joyfully anticipate the chocolate they'll soon be able to have again as Lent draws to a close.
-While this isn't necessarily a Good Friday observation, it falls into the religious category, so I'm going to state it here: Just because you're a *Christian* doesn't mean your above screwing up big time, so APOLOGIZE when you mess up (I'm so over all the perfection that resides within the holy walls of *the church*.)

Observations from parenting:
-Naps are a must EVERY day.
-Poop and potty training are always gross and yet necessary.

OK - I feel better having aired my grievances. . . If the world could just hop-to now and change everything, that'd be great.

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