Thursday, December 18, 2008


I felt the need to respond to the recent comments of one of my readers regarding my new sewing endeavors.

And I quote from Cindy, on 12/18/08: I take it that no one is going to openly tell you that these blankets are a bit on the fugly side ;) I'm just saying Martha Stewart's empire is safe for a little longer hehehe Actually, I think it's great. You'll be a sewing genius in no time at all :)

While Dr. Phil and George W. both agree that even responding to attacks of this sort is a waste of time, I'm simply not of the mental fortitude to just let this one slide. With that said, my retort will begin.

Such audacity. For a person to think such a thought about another's hard fraught effort is one thing, but to fully verbalize this thought in a public arena is a whole nother ball game. Being the somewhat un-hip individual that I am, I've actually had to look up the word fugly on Wikipedia. In its censored and comprehendable meaning it translates roughly as: Very ugly. Nice, Cin - way to encourage your *friend* in her new undertaking.

Cindy is one who's been raised in an artistically and craftily gifted family (this includes but is not limited to professional: crocheting, sewing, knitting, crafting, penmanship, fudging, writing, cooking etc). I personally have not had such a privilege. My mother is quite blunt in stating that she struggled to simply braid our hair as children. So to Cin, it's obvious that this might be considered fugly; but from my young innocent sewing eyes' perspective - it's a work of art - a stroke of pure genius!

And what is with this whole back-handed complimenting thing anyway? I mean, who says in effect: "Gee, that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen, but someday you may be alright. . with a LOT of work. . ." My mother may not have been very crafty, but she did teach me pretty clearly the lesson of 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!'.

Further, this is one of my first *pieces,* and I utilized a wide variety of techniques simply to gain experience. In the process, I learned a number of important lessons: measure CAREFULLY, when sewing various squares together all the hems should face the same direction, use a strait edge, make sure the material is fully under the needle when you begin sewing, making cute rounded corners is easy (though not always intentional), silk unravels very easily, and my kids will absolutely LOVE whatever it is I make them.

This brings me to my final point: know your clientele. My clients are obviously not as demanding as say, a certain Ms. Windy might be. I'm gearing my product towards my client. I know with something as generic as sewing it would be impossible to please EVERYbody, so I've honed my services to a select group of individuals whom I know will find great satisfaction in my seamstressing.

In conclusion, I feel it's entirely relevant to post a brief video clip detailing the sheer delight displayed by a client today upon receiving my most recently completed item.


karin said...

I think I just peed in my pants. You are hilarious.

Cindy Lynn said...


Mom said...

Your Grandmother, who was a professional artist, thought that doing anything and learning from it was the true sign of an artist. To discover the media you are working in for yourself and perfecting your skills in that media is being creative!!
You are lucky you have a fan club with unconditional love and admiration.
So, as they say, "You Go Girl"!!!

Cindy Lynn said...

Oh heavens! It's one thing to tease Danielle, but I can't go against the "mother". I officially throw myself on the mercy of the court and beg for my life to be spared. I was so wrong!

Mom said...

Oh, Cindy Lynn, your life is spared. Live in peace and remember some of us can't even braid hair!!!

Danielle said...

Cindy - that was WAY to easy to get you to break! Come on, woman! Show some spine! ;) Still, I hope you learned a valuable lesson from this little experience. . .

Anonymous said...

I think I've already said it all in a past comment.....but I certainly wish I knew of a baby I could order one of your "taggies" for!
Oh Danielle, we could have so much fun with Nini's fabrics! Come on up! Or if I ever get my act together...I'll box up some for you and mail them.....
I am so extited that you are experimenting with your sewing machine. What a jewel of a gift. Did you know that Nini and Grandaddy game me a Singer for my wedding gift and I used it almost every day I was married? Jan now has that maching...I have a newer one. You are going to love what you can do with sewing for yourself and others.
Love your blog, also!
A. Noel

Cindy Lynn said...

Oh I learned a valuable lesson, Danny! I sure's called the lesson of having your MOTHER defend you when someone even hints at constructive criticism ;)