Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reading Rules

The following was a real conversation between little Jimmy and myself several days ago during the ride home from school:

Jimmy: Mrs. Thompson says 'no farting on the reading rug.'

Me: You're not allowed to fart on the reading rug? (trying to hide my shock and awe that this was actually a real conversation that occurred at school between the teacher and her students.)

Jimmy: Nope. Mrs. Thompson says she doesn't want to smell all of our stinky.

Me: Well what do you do if you have to fart?

Jimmy: We just go over to the bathroom if we have to fart.

Me: (maintaining a purely curious tone) So you go into the bathroom every time you have to fart?

Jimmy: No, you don't actually go in the bathroom; you just go over to the bathroom door.

Me: So you stand by the bathroom and fart.

Jimmy: You fart on the door. The door is dirty anyway - it already has germs on it, so it's OK to fart on it - right, Mommy?

Me: (unable to maintain my composure at this point) Yes, I'm sure the bathroom door has germs on it, so it'd be fine to fart on it.

Jimmy: It's not funny, Mommy! This is serious! We have to fart on the bathroom door.

Me: Oh, I completely understand. This is serious. I mean reading time on the reading rug could really become a stinky affair if everyone in the class was just sitting there farting. Yes, good idea to go fart on the bathroom door.

This conversation just killed me. I actually laughed until I cried. Just the fact that this conversation occurred and that the teacher had to lay down the law on where farting was and was not acceptable - obviously it had become an issue.


tootyshamos said...

That was hysterical Danielle! I do believe I have tears in my eyes now too. Wish you could have got that on tape. I may have to put this rule in place at home ;-)
Thanks for sharing that gem.

Mom said...

Very-very funny! Times sure have changed from when I went to school! His learning experience is going to be "way more fun" for us than for him!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

So funny!! Thanks for sharing!

Kelli said...

Oh, boys....aren't they fun =)

karin said...

Why am I remembering conversations from high school where you suddenly had to stand by the garbage can?! :-)

Danielle said...

That is too funny, Karin! I had totally forgotten about that - and I thought I was being all coy about it at the time ;)