Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moving. . . Again.

After a brief eight months in our current residence we're moving again next week. Obviously this was not our game plan, but it seems with the current housing market a lot of people are being surprised. The house we are currently in was one we were renting with the intent to purchase once our other home sold. We dropped a rather massive chunk of change as a guarantee of purchase and signed our names in blood agreeing to pay a set figure for this place. Last month, we were preparing to close on this house when we had the home appraisal done as required by the mortgage company. Much to our surprise, the house was almost $30,000 less than what we had agreed to pay when we began renting. Apparently, that's just how much the housing market in our area has gone down over the course of eight months. As we had no intention of purchasing a home which we'd instantaneously be upside down in, we began casually checking out other homes for sale just to see what we might come across. Although we'd lose the money we put down initially, it was feasible that we'd come out ahead anyway if we found a really good deal. None of the houses listed on the market were doable, but there was one home a few blocks up the road (which the pilot for Jim's boss owned) that had previously been for sale which we liked. Jim spoke with the pilot and they were willing to give us a deal as they no longer had a realtor fee to pay. . which brings us to today.

There are boxes everywhere. And not a single one of those boxes has been packed by me. . Normally I'm the type who'd be on it and have everthing taken care of lickety split. I've done the vast majority of the packing with previous moves, but this one is different. Quite simply cannot bring myself to pack. Never in my life have I felt such indifference and lack of motivation. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to being in the other house; I just don't want to pack. . . And given that the home is in our same neighborhood and three scant blocks up the road, it seems like moving really isn't a big deal. . Cognitively I know that if I don't plan for this move like any other, it'll drag on forever, but in all reality, it just doesn't seem like a big deal.

So, we shall see; next week will be the true test of my husband's packing ability. Will he have packed quickly enough? Will he have packed carefully? Will he have packed smart? All will be clearly visible for the world to see next week. So until then, I'll lethargically continue observing the boxes and my decorless home in apathy.

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Mom said...

I'm so impressed with Jim! and concerned about you! My "right out there" and "right in the middle of everything" daughter! Are you sick?
Or is this just one too many moves? Your Grandmother said she would never move again after she moved to North Florida. It was too much!! Can you imagine the people in the service that move every 2 years!! We'll all be there to help you move!!!